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  1. Hi Depends what the cock is split for?
  2. Hi, Welcome to the forum, I would advise to be cautious buying from bird sales, try make contact with established breeders and visit them, I would be able to muster a few pairs together for you for free if you wish to try your hand, most breeders will have non to go at this time as its almost the breeding season. Regards, Nick
  3. Sorry Clare just seen this, no but he carried a lot of white and still does
  4. Hi, the hen above came from a Normal cock and a fawn hen, the Normal cock was split for lt back and cfw, I prefer light-backs which are lighter in colour so most cock birds will be split for cfw, these pairings with either lt back or cfw are economical as both sexes will be produced in both colours
  5. Hi, yes she is a light-back hen, the tear mark is just prominent on some birds does not really mean anything, most light-backs carry good dark markings but some hens unfortunately can have a breast bars.
  6. Just trimmed this cock birds vent, not too happy lol