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  1. Happy Birthday CFWs 


  2. Happy Birthday Dave Edwards

    Happy Birthday dave,have a good one.
  3. Morning From West Wales

    Hi Richard whereabouts in west wales are you?
  4. Happy birthday rick have a good one.
  5. Happy Birthday Martin C.f.w.

    Thanks lads have had a fantastic day
  6. Happy Birthday Speedwaybaz

    Happy birthday,hope you have a good one.
  7. Cfw Cock

    Hi Nick,really like this young cock ,feather quality and type exceptional.Would really like to see a photo of him in another 3months time.
  8. Happy Birthday Wayne Davies

    Happy birthday pal ,have a good one.
  9. Happy Birthday Nick

    Happy birthday nick. Martin.
  10. My Young Chestnut Flanked Whites

    Very nice baz.
  11. Happy Birthday Adam

    Hi Adam,have a *******,mart chestnuts.
  12. Happy Birthday Dave Edwards

    Happy birthday dave,have a good one.
  13. Happy Birthday Paul Edmundson

    Happy birthday mate don't forget to save me a piece of cake minus the candles.
  14. First Youngsters Of The Year

    Really nice Paul.
  15. Who Else Keeps Penguin Zebs In The Uk.

    Some of the best penguins I have seen on show bench ie type and colour belong to LAUS TRIGWELL of Carmarthenshire.