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Freddie finch

20 year break in zebras! To long!!!!!!!!

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Hi fellow enthusiast. 

I'm back after twenty years. I have 2 birds and a double breeding cage I re built from twenty years ago.

Glad I kept 6 cage fronts all these years!!!!!!!

so glad to be back.


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41 minutes ago, Freddie finch said:

do you have many zebras?


Guess I've lost count but I reckon there could be about 30 in outside/inside flights. and I have others in cages in my other shed for selected breeding. I have some 'penguins too and a couple of  crested zebra finches which I will later  pair up with other finches.

I also have cockatiels ,canaries, diamond doves, Bengalese, gouldians, owl finches etc  and a few chinese painted quail. (Better not forget the one budgie I just couldn't resist at one of the bird sales lol).  I would have posted some photos but I've just recently got a new computer and unfortunately my brain didn't get updated at the same time :fool:and I've still to find the prog. where I can resize the photos so I can upload them on here. (Sometimes I've been lucky and managed to get one posted)

Wishing you well with the pair you have.


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