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  1. Sorry just seen your text about the cages. I would be interested in going in with you.


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    2. Freddie finch

      Freddie finch

      Is that the ad about Colin Clark? If it is thanks away to try him.

      still working forum out e.g. Private message

    3. Emmy


      Yes Freddie thought Private Message would get to you sooner.

      I've had birds from Colin before and he always gives advice whenever asked.

      (Apologies for this is on your post Lee:mellow:)


    4. Freddie finch

      Freddie finch

      Sorry lee. Thanks again Emmy 

  2. Have a pair of penguins. I think. Stopped at a local bird auction. Saw them,bought a carrier and it all started from there. Now I'm hooked !! do you have many zebras?
  3. Thanks Andyn been looking through the forum, so much info! Led lights etc
  4. Hi fellow enthusiast. I'm back after twenty years. I have 2 birds and a double breeding cage I re built from twenty years ago. Glad I kept 6 cage fronts all these years!!!!!!! so glad to be back.