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  1. Happy birthday I hope you have a great day. Gary.
  2. Many thanks for the update Trevor.
  3. Nice colour Trevor, can't wait to see the male version of this one. Gary
  4. Zebraman

    expanding outlook

    Hi Penny, If the eggs were laid on consecutive days the chick maybe the first egg that was laid by the hen, therefore you could have a chick hatch every day from now on. Just a thought. Gary.
  5. Thanks for the information Trevor. From what I can see of the cock bird he's got a nice head and colour on him, is he one of the birds you got from the continent? Good luck with these you've put a lot of work in to your colours and it really seems to be paying dividends. Please keep us updated
  6. Well done Trevor. Can't wait to see them when they moult in to their adult coulors. What mutation was the hen. Gary.
  7. Many happy returns of the day Dave. Have yourself a good one. Gary
  8. Many happy returns of the day Trevor. From one bird man to another.
  9. Happy birthday Lee I hope you have a great day. Gary.
  10. I keep a few grey cheeks and mix them with my normals, which helps to reduce the risk of blind chicks. I would never recommend the breeding of two of the same type, grey or fawn cheek. Gary.
  11. Zebraman

    Fawn 2012

    Welcome back Paul. Your birds get better every time I see them. Gary.
  12. Zebraman

    Young Normals

    Nice bird Nick. Gary.
  13. Thanks for sharing Nick and a well deserved win. Gary..
  14. Welcome to the forum Penny. I hope you enjoy what we have put together here. They're a great bunch of people and I'm sure you'll get as much helps as you need along with plenty of good advise. Gary.
  15. What you expecting form the pairing Trevor. Gary.
  16. Welcome to the forum Liz, I hope you will enjoy being a member of our community. Nice to see another keeper on board. Gary.
  17. Welcome to the forum and back to keeping and breeding Zebra Finches. Keep us posted on your progress and please ask as many questions as you like. Gary.
  18. Really nice to hear that things are moving forward with patch Emmy. Please keep us updated. Gary.
  19. Zebraman


    I sometimes get up to Wigan to meet several members, it's a good night and a great bunch of people. I've also sold birds at this auction. Clipsley Pets is also a good stockiest of birds, but can be a bit expensive. Both well worth a visit. Gary.
  20. Welcome to our community, I hope you find it informative. Gary.
  21. Happy birthday Ricky. I hope you have a great day. Gary.
  22. Welcome to our community, Gary.
  23. Hi Emmy, I'm hooked once again and I hope Hamish continues to flourish. In my experience bengalese don't often tend to take to chicks once they have hatched, so I'd watch them very carefully if you decide to go down this route. Good look with the little fellow and please keep us up to date with his/her progress. Gary.