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  1. Hi Merv,

    Do you remember me?I have been trying to phone you but your landline is permanently engaged.SinceI last spoke to you,I was diagnosed with prostate cancer and have been having treatment over the last couple of years.I am now in remission and am keen to make a start with Zebra Finches again, and was wondering whether you might be able to help me out with some stock, or would know of anyone who could.It would be good to catch up and perhaps even actually meet you in person!

    I hope all is well with you.

    Best Wishes,

    Peter Finn

    (not the Canary breeder!)


  2. Hi Trevor,I wonder,how you went about getting the black flanks on the BC?I have a BC Grey cockbird,and he was very black flanked as a youngster,but is now(2 years old),getting more Fawn colour creeping into his flanks.I's appreciate your advise on this matter,if you have any ideas...Best Wishes,Peter.
  3. Hi Merv,long time no hear!Did you get my phone message I left on your ansaphone last week?I had a bumpy couple of years with getting my pain control under control,which meant that I was in and out of hospital,and as a result,didn't breed any of the birds that I had.I still have some of them,but they are now 3-4 years old,and unlikely to breed now.I'm managing a lot better these days,and even do some voluntary work for a local bereavement support charity!I was lucky enough to be able to buy two young pairs of birds from Nick Hall this week,and I'm completely inspired by their quality and beauty!I'm going to concentrate on CFW,Normal,LightBack,and also hope to introduce Black Cheek at some point.That's the plan anyway!! So what about you?How are you doing,and what are you doing with your birds?I'm assuming that still have the birds...is that right?Still with the CFWs?It would be good to hear from you anyway.I hope that you are keeping well.Take care,Best Wishes,Peter Finn.
  4. Hi there,I hope you enjoy the forum.There are plenty of people who will give you advice and make you feel welcome.
  5. With both parents being Black Cheeks,all the chicks will be Black Cheeks.The next bit is LightBack cock cock X CFW hen...Light Back is dominant over CFW,so if the cock is LightBack split CFW(and many are),you will get Both LightBack cocks and hens,and CFW cocks and hens,in 50:50 ratio.Hope that helps!
  6. Hello Mark,welcome aboard and I hope you enjoy the forum.You will find plenty of friendly advice and support on here!
  7. Congratulations on a couple of nice looking chicks...but what colour is the cock bird?
  8. Hi Jeff....I have crested budgerigars,and the gene is dominant,but with budgies,crest-bred is important,in the breeding program.I'm not at all sure about the situation with other birds,such as canaries,but what I can tell you,is that from what I've learned,the crested gene in finches(zebras and Bengalese),is that a Normal crest-bred bird,but without a crest,is of no more use in breeding cresteds,than a Normal that is crest-free!So don't bother about keeping anything simply because it's crest-bred...it will not help in the crest breeding program whatsoever!But good luck with it!A good crest IS beautiful!
  9. Hi there Scott,glad you've joined us here....you should get plenty of advice,and some help with the identification of the different mutations that you have.There are so many nowadays,some more attractive than others,but it's all about personal taste really.
  10. Hello and welcome to the forum,I hope you'll find it helpful and enjoyable.My mum was from Gorseinon,and I still have family in Pontlliw,Loughor,Swansea area...very proud of my Welsh roots!I spent a lot of my childhood running around the Gower...wonderful memories!
  11. Hi there,Mark1e has just contacted me,and I think I may be confused about whether Peter Cannan is in this site or not,but he is a very good person to talk to regarding Pieds,and he's definitely on the ZFS site!Sorry if I'm getting confused....no excuse really,as I'm not even that old!Maybe it's the cold!!
  12. In my opinion,the best way to improve on size and type,is to outcross to good sized typy Normals ,and/of Fawns (depending on what mutations you're working on).Pair the splits back to mutation birds,keep the best visuals(best splits are also useful,if they are an improvement in quality),and then outcross again,to big,typed birds again.Basically,as far as I'm aware,this is the easiest way to improve stock of any species.Hope that helps!
  13. Try to contact Peter Cannan,on this forum,and also ZFS website,where he does the ring ordering,and is the General Secretary.He specialises in Pieds and Whites(which are basically Pieds anyway),and is very helpful.Good luck!
  14. Peter Finn

    Hi !

    Hello and welcome!You have some interesting varieties...would love to see some photos of the Black.Cheek Eumos!I am hoping to combine BlackFace Black-Cheek and maybe even Black-Breast...I think that the black and grey combinations are particularly stunning!I'm sure that you'll get as lot from this forum!
  15. Hello Krissy,welcome to the forum.There are quite a few breeders down in your neck of the woods,I suggest that you contact the Zebra Finch Society....I know that several of the administrators of the Society are living in Plymouth,and there will know of others.Good luck and Best Wishes.Peter.