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  1. Faracat

    BC + CFW

    Just realised that I should have posted this in the genetic section. Sorry, I'll make a post there now.
  2. Faracat

    BC + CFW

    I had always thought that a male with this combination would have grey spotted flanks, but I have one that has white flanks with white spots. He looks to only carry one BC gene as his cheeks are smudgy like his mother's and she definitely only has one BC gene. I have also had a pale grey male hatch this year, but I didn't think that I had any dilutes in the aviary. Maybe something was hiding in my CFWs? Any ideas?
  3. I quite like the medium sized birds that I have got before from crossing a pet sized male with an exhibition hen. I do find that the pet sized birds are better parents though (is that just my birds?). I do just breed for fun, so as long as they are healthy any pretty colour is a bonus. It would be nice if I got a surprise colour - it was wonderful when my grey normal and CFW pairing resulted in a pied BC chick in the brood.
  4. So true. There are still several colours that I don't have yet too.
  5. Thanks. I still don't have the fawn male that I was meant to be looking for. Since I started to look out for one i have bought a young penguin hen, the pied fawn hen and this chap. Ooops. I also bought two canaries, but they were a planned purchase.
  6. Faracat

    Hecks ---- The 2Nd Batch!

    I really hope that they feed them.
  7. I found this cobby chap in a pet shop, so he had to come home with me. What do you think? He's paired up with a pet sized pied fawn hen, so I'm hoping for some medium sized pied chicks soon. He's also got a bigger percentage of white than any of my other pieds, so I'm hoping that the chicks will inherit a bit more white than the hen has too.
  8. I don't think that any have fawn in their ancestry. This sounds like a good excuse for a shopping trip for a male fawn then.
  9. I have been given a little fawn hen today, she is my first fawn so I'm really chuffed with her. I'm hoping that in time, she will pair up and breed. However what are the chances of me getting any fawn chicks? I have a few brothers that are grey normal, Pied grey, grey BC and pied grey BC in colour, their mother was a CFW. The other males are CFW (one could be carrying BC, but he's not got smudgy tears like his mother) and I do have one grey penguin, but he seems a bit clueless when it comes to breeding, bless him. So I'd be shocked if she managed to have chicks with him. She will be in the aviary, so she could choose from any of the above.
  10. Hi Ian. Welcome to the forum.
  11. ... why one of my birds have pale irises compared to my other birds? The bird with the pale, orangey-brown eyes is a grey penguin male. I also have his full sister and she has the usual dark eyes where the contrast between the iris and pupil is not so marked.