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  1. thank you all for the warm welcome I have got the bug lol I love my birdies I am keeping a close eye on hens marvelous how they sit on the eggs and the cocks sleep with them at night I will keep an update and let you all no the outcome on the forum ..... heres photos of George and Ruby "normals" and Albert and Mabel CFW
  2. Hi everyone my name is Angel , I live in Mottingham SE London ... I have five pairs of zebra finches all sitting on eggs , I'm a novice in the true sense of the word lol although I have shown once at Joydens Wood Kent and got a 2nd on my CFW woop woop all my birds have been bought from there and they are beautiful birdies I will be joining "Zebra Finch Society" as it seems they are taking 2017 subscriptions , I will be asking lots of questions some may seem obvious to some of you but I am new to this so all advice and experiences are gonna help me thanks for reading my introduction Angel
  3. hey Stu ...Angel here well all my pairs are sitting on eggs lol , how you doing ? and hows your bird house coming on surely got to be finished by now , I got in touch with Mr Simms the other day cos I went into panic mode when I saw eggs on cage floor anyway he gave me expert advice so everything sorted all in separate cages and all got nest boxes phew panic over lol Ill see you at Joydens Wood sometime next year