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zebra finches brooding during a heatwave

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There will be a heatwave in Paris soon and I have my couple of zebra finches that is brooding eggs.

It will probably be around 30°C in my flat and I` would like to know what I could do to increase their comfort.

Of course they will have fresh water and a bath every day but I won't be at home during the day.

I know they originally come from Australia but they won't find fresh spots in their cage.


Thank you for your advice,







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When it gets a too hot in my bird room I set a desk fan going on number 3 with oscillation to cover as much of the building as possible. (placed usually in a corner). But I would suggest that if you use a fan don't have it facing the cage full time. If possible use the oscillation and have the fan on a timer switch set for every 30 mins on for 10 mins. (that way the birds don't get buffeted) Just my thoughts.

Usually the birds will pant/gasp and the feathers will be pulled tight if they are too hot or stressed.

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