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Penny W


I decided I ought to take my birds to a show, to see how they compare so entered a few pairs into the ZFS show in Barry last month. I didn't win anything but my normal were placed in a large class which was nice for me. My lightbacks were my best pair in my eyes - but there were only 2 in that class so coming second didn't really tell me whether they are good or not (the pair that came first went on to win one of the top prizes).

This weekend it was our local bird club show so Steve and I entered birds, Steve entered 7 budgies, I entered 8 pairs of zebras and 6 Australian finches. A very successful outing, all my birds were placed - except for the lightbacks who were 'wrong classed' as silvers (which they are not!). I admit none of the classes were particularly big - there were 9 entries in the gouldian class so it was very pleasing to come first in that. I came away with prize money, a trophy and 5 rosettes! A good day out.

I spent a nice day yesterday cleaning out all my breeding cages as nearly all the birds are in the big flights now getting fit and ready for the breeding season. I just have 1 nest of zebras, 3 nests of Bengalese, one pair of Hecks and 1 pair of firetails with eggs at the moment. The Bengies are just starting to hatch - I wait and see whether the others have good eggs or not. The Hecks have not built their nest in the nest box but under the little table that I put their food on so there is no way of checking them without major disruption! I spotted at least 2 eggs a week ago when they both came out to feed. I will have to listen out for chicks! (not sure if I will be able to get them to ring them).


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well done for having the courage to bench your birds. Good way to test you an your birds. its a nerve racking experience the 1st time you do it.. I would like to say it get's easier each time but I get nervous as **** every time I take my birds to a show.... We all like to win or we would not enter but the social side of the shows are what people who don't bench don't see, the banter, the nervous excitement or just the chance to sit an talk all things birds with people who have the same passion you do. well done to you both. once you have the show bug it never goes away....


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Good on you Penny, Have you been bitten by the show bug now I wonder. Did Steve do any good with his Budgies?.

There was quite a strong Budgie show at the Western Counties yesterday too

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