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  1. Hi Emmy still have the young cockatiels don't intend selling them at present. As usual got my dates mixed up thought sale was this coming weekend . Not to worry will get across again .Glad your having success transferring chick and egg ,shame about toots.
  2. Nothing wrong with their voices . Hope you are keeping well Emmy. We are fine here and have bred 6 nice cockatiels from the pair you gave me this was two rounds.
  3. Hi Emmy I see you are taking on another challenge ,hope chirpy does well as I'm sure with your expertise it will. Look forward to next update.
  4. DaveP

    Happy Birthday DaveP

    Thanks for birthday wishes.
  5. DaveP

    Happy Birthday Andyn

    Belated birthday wishes Andy sorry I missed it .
  6. DaveP

    2017 BF Silver

    Hi I just wondered if Clare and I are trying to use same word and don't understand it being omitted. I was using the word which we all pull at Xmas and it bangs.
  7. DaveP

    2017 BF Silver

    That's a wee ******* .
  8. DaveP

    New arrivals.

    Hi Emmy They are clever little devils I have put two in aviary and kept one in house . This is its favourite perch (see photo).
  9. DaveP

    New arrivals.

    Thank you Andyn and Sarah for the colour breakdown . Thought they were two lutinos and a pied just goes to show what I know lol. Emmy bet you have your budgie talking in no time.
  10. Got these on Sunday a late Xmas present .
  11. DaveP

    Hello, just joined forum from Indiana USA

    Hi Shelley welcome to the world of zebra finches. Don't think you will only have two for long ,as we all started with that idea.
  12. DaveP

    hi just joined forum

    Hi Angel Welcome to the forum ,great bunch here so don't be afraid to ask questions.
  13. DaveP


    Hi Emmy great video very interesting. Sorry to hear you have had problem with hawk. I have two buzzards that swing over but not interested in aviary luckily.
  14. DaveP

    More Surprises

    Hi emmy they are doing grand but have transferred them into aviary and they seem to be enjoying flying around more than in the living room. They are very accurate flyers now but didn't cope too well when let out the cage in house. Patch as I called him tells me he is a cheeky boy and other interesting noises. Spot chatters but not speaking ,but she is more vocal being outside she was very quiet in the cage. They are both very good joiners and have removed most of the corners from aviary wood .lol Will need to get across to see you before the winter weather creeps in.
  15. DaveP

    More Surprises

    Nothing new there then Emmy back to the hand rearing it must be second nature now. You would just have come home from Stafford with more birds to sneak in so maybe a blessing lol.