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  1. Thanks Gary updated pic attached, still along way to go until coloured fully.
  2. Happy Birthday Sarah, hope you have had a good day?
  3. Thought I'd share, very excited about these. Hope you like.
  4. Hi Andy sorry for the late reply, Shame you lost the hen, Isabel is a recessive mutation so the hen would not have been split for it, and would have to be visual. As you have 3 normals then your assumption will be right for the cock, must be split fawn and Isabel. You will need to pair the cock to an Isabel hen to get Isabel chicks, which will all be hens, unless the cock is also split Isabel which if he is they could produce both cocks and hens. Can get very confusing, hope this has helped. Clare
  5. Hi Trevor, The only thing that was pointing me towards full OB is that he has orange showing from the tear mark, but the cheeks have stayed pale. In silvers I have found that this can be an indication of full OB, but not 100% on that, never bred a bf ob Silver, only ob Silver. Clare
  6. Well at last this chap has chicks with a fawn hen of mine. Chicks are inside so will have to wait a bit for pics of them. But he's a very handsome chap?
  7. Not the best pic. But these are obbb.
  8. Some could be split Isabel, but I'm not that good yet lol. The OB and BB mutations are so hard to tell sometimes, Mine have all come out looking like BB but I know there is OB, only time will tell. Still a bit confused over why you had a normal out of a fawn pairing though, my only conclusion is one of them is not fawn? Do you have pics of the parents?
  9. Hope you meant split OB, as that what I thought he is carrying as well. I would put him as a bfobsilver/bb, but not totally sure on that? But whatever he is he's a goodun?
  10. You never know with zebs lol?
  11. Happy Birthday Chris, hope you have a good day?
  12. Trevor, hes is fantastic, what are the parents, he looks to have more in him? Hi Emmy, you would be better off pairing the CFW hen to another BC normal or CFW, and the obbb to another obbb or split for either.
  13. Hi Andy, He looks fawn to me tail is to light for a normal, he also seems BB/OB as well. Personally I would say if both parents are Fawn, the hen has been with another male prior to laying, hence the normal. I believe they can hold sperm as other birds can but not 100% on that. But in saying that I have had LB & CFW males from a CFW Hen x BC LB/CFW Male, so who knows what can happen, with no contact with other zebs. They are always nice looking zebs when they colour up though, with the bbob mutations.
  14. Hi Andy, The attached pic is of a bbob male tail, I can't see any OB in the tails on yours but they are BB. Do the hens have ghost flank markings? Forgot to ask in the previous post! BB hens can have chest bar markings as well usually considered good for breeding with to improve colour, but a show fault. Is there a chance your hen has played away before pairing this could be why the normal chick, as all chicks should be fawn? There is a possibility they could be split OB if they have the ghost flank marks. They are all nice either way. I have a nest of obbb chicks due out any day now will post some pics for you when they do?