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  1. cheer folks thanks for the birthday wished sorry its a bit late but thats me just home
  2. sorry but every has there own opinion but i personally would not put these rings on my birds if you look at the pictures you can see some rings have clearly got different diameter holes and in the past i have had to cut this type of ring of feeders i have brought in as i said this is only my opinion and what i have learnt over the years of keeping zebra finches
  3. be careful if buying rings from E BAY a lot of folk sell rings that are 2 or 3 times thicker than a proper ring
  4. i would suggest wooden or plastic with lids that open so you can easily check the nests
  5. one piece of friendly advice i would give is bin the wicker nests and the nesting material you have given them the material will wind itself around there legs i prefer to use coconut fiber and meadow grass and the wicker nests does not allow easy inspection in my opinion Allan
  6. Hi, Nice mix of birds you've got there. there a lot of good zebra finch breeders in south wales
  7. two of my best friends in the bird world breed gouldians one uses plastic nest boxes same as zebra type and the other uses the one with the step both have had good breeding seasons and both have had poor over the years
  8. way hay that's me back under my own name as a lot of yous know i keep breed and show white and pied zebra finches white zebra has been put to bed
  9. thats Nasty but on saying that i bet they would go well with mine
  10. did i say i picked up a really nice pair of lightback bc at Newark nice deep colour and black flanks
  11. welcome nice mix of colours you have there
  12. allan b

    My first babies

    nice looking chicks
  13. what have you been giving them so far and young birds are called chicks humans have babies
  14. seen on Facebook that Dean Moore is taking some really nice lightbacks to Stafford and is not looking for much for them Allan sorry just seen they are all sold i did say they where really nice lol
  15. hopefully there will be some quality zebs there had read somewhere that a few of the welsh guys are showing