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  1. adrian wills

    My Cream Hen For 2014

    i realise that , could the hen have been with either a cream or silver cock bird , i didnt know peter had any creams at all ade
  2. adrian wills

    My Cream Hen For 2014

    hi richard the chicks look like creams but i would say the hen not a cream , ive kept creams for over 30 years and seen all shades !! ade
  3. adrian wills

    My Cream Hen For 2014

    any chance u up;load a pick of the chicks , ade
  4. adrian wills

    My Cream Hen For 2014

    richard what is she paired to to bred dilutes ade
  5. adrian wills

    Colour Identification?

    hi clare not sure as cant get a big pic up but the top pic looks like a poor marked silver !!! ade
  6. adrian wills

    Normal Cock

  7. adrian wills

    Cream Light Back Male

    hi jon i would say yes as very similar to the ones i had ade
  8. adrian wills

    Here He/she Is :)

    hi dave thanks for that , i havnt been on here for while so didnt realise thanks ade
  9. adrian wills

    Here He/she Is :)

    hi chris what did this bird turn out to be , to me it looks like a cream hen , ive bred many over the years with faint or very little tear marks , by any chance did she have a yellow beak has her legs are yellowish ? . i much prefer these lighter colour creams , ade
  10. adrian wills

    Newbe From Exeter Area

    hi andy , im from down here in cornwall if you want to get in touch about shows etc , plus in plymouth youve got peter cannon and frank and mavis dawson who bothshow zebies , peters main colours are pieds and whites , both phone numbers can be found on the zfs web site ade
  11. adrian wills


    Hi guys , having never bred crested zebras but have bred cresred bengales do you get double crests on your brds ( ie two center points a major show fault in the bengies) . A couple of years ago dave edwards bred a superb crested fawn light back hen including good size , it what can be done with crest cheers adrian w
  12. adrian wills

    pics of cream lightbacks

    Hi scott yes when i run out of rings i use old ones up . defo cream lightbacks cock came from a cream split lightback ck to fawn lightback henand the hen from a fawn split lightback ck to a cream hen . adrian
  13. adrian wills

    pics of cream lightbacks

    having probs adding more but will keep trying
  14. adrian wills

    pics of cream lightbacks

    H scott and mark , cock defently cream lightback and perfect colour match the hen ,i have bred silver lightbacks in the past and there is a lot of differance between them .the hen i bred in 09 and the cock is a 2010 but not quality of the hen . il try to add more photos of them . Adrian.
  15. adrian wills

    pics of cream lightbacks

    Hi,having read a lot about cream lightbacks on this site i thought i would put some pics of mine on . they seem to be a lot lighter in colour than most ive seen ive seen Adrian