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  1. Pat from Middlesbrough.

    welcome to the wonderful world of zebra finches.... what I did find amusing was your line" how prolific these birds can breed" I wish some one would tell my big fat lazy exhibition birds that
  2. Hello im a new member

    typical Harrison type bird.... like him
  3. Hello im a new member

    deep pockets to get good blood off peter!!!! even his rubbish is not cheap lol.
  4. Hello im a new member

    welcome and good luck..... who are you buying your stock from?
  5. Happy Birthday Lee Pycroft

    happy 50th Lee. have a good one mate
  6. Lee From Bury In Lancashire

    look good lee.... bout time you got your finger out and bred some birds for the show bench !!!! good luck
  7. Hi thanks for the reply, I'm  in derby but can travel for the right stock, not being fussy but over the years in birds i know you're as well to wait for decent ones


    1. amf1975


      you have to put the hard miles in nowadays. its not like it was way back when.. it's the midland zfs  show 26th august  on wolverhampton . st. stephen's primary school wv10 0bb. they have a silent auction an there will be some top birds to look at and some good birds for sale

  8. Back to zebs

    hi paul where about are you??? there is a few gone up for sale on the Facebook groups. aviary birds and show birds. it getting to the right time of year to buy exhibition stock as the people who show will be starting to sort out what to keep and what not too.... andy nethercott on here keeps. and I know someone he is very good friends with has about 35-40 to go.
  9. Happy Birthday SarahR

    all the best. have fun
  10. Hi to all the members

    you look like you are well on your way to being an addict like the rest of us... as for keeping them apart you can not really put I time on it... they both need to be fit. we use the term bouncing!!!(very active back an forth perch to perch, just generally busy in the cage, cock birds singing there heads off) beaks nice an deep in colour feathers looking good. its hard to describe you will just know!!!! the birds will just catch your eye. BUT!!!!! don't rush them or it wont work.. I tend to put the cock bird up in to the cage they are going to breed in 1st for a couple of days( hens can get territorial the other way round although I do know people who put them up together) when I add the hen I try do it when I have time to just watch!!! best to make sure know fighting...... 48 hrs after I pair I normally then add the nest box( I part make a cupped nest for them to start work on) give them something to build with feed them well start giving egg food(just a little) every day or at least every other. I find mashed hard boiled egg seem to bring the hens on to lay( but every bird is different) in an ideal world you don't want egg for the 1st 5 days or they are usually clear... get them used to a daily nest check and try keep all your routines the same... as much as you can just let the them get on with it.... all this is just my way am not saying it's the right way it's just want my birds seem to like.. hope this helps and all the very best off luck. Andy
  11. too many cocks spoil the show team!

    problems... lol I have forgot what a live zebra finch chick looks like. lol
  12. Happy Birthday AMF

    Thanks. all good. just wish my birds were. lol still struggling in f499.
  13. New Starter

    good set of lads too... always happy to help an make the effort.
  14. Breeding

    I buy children's feather bowa's from home barging's, give them a wash in just boiling water and dry them. then strip the feathers off an put them in the bottom of the cage.. seems to help with plucking. i like Allan use soft meadow or timothy hay it's cheep from pets at home. if you put the nest box on for your birds to sleep in Ricky? there really is no need as 95% of zebs sleep on the perch!!! an only use nest box's to raise chick's. if you put a nest box on at any time of year an you have a cock and a hen they will invariably breed......
  15. new but not really

    good to see you back on here fella... how's breeding going?