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  1. BF Silver Male

    Hi Clare, Sorry for the late response, I've been away. Yes, you can come up with me - I'm showing some birds though so it'll be a long day. Andy.
  2. BF Silver Male

    Claire - I've got some nice silver cock birds split for bc if you want one. Oh, did I say 6'5"? I meant 4'2".
  3. BF Silver Male

    No red and white shirt but I did bottle out of a bidding war on that pair of normals. Still regretting that one!
  4. BF Silver Male

    Clare - I'll just have to breed my own then! Stuart - I spent a fair bit of time over by the sales cages, I'm 6 foot 5, so I generally stand out a bit but I'll catch up with you in September if you're going.
  5. BF Silver Male

    Hmm, I read it and replied. Must be gremlins in the system. Or possibly operator error. I went up to the show, so I might have met you anyway.
  6. BF Silver Male

    Very nice. This one of my favourite combinations. The pale cheeks set the black face off really well. If he's looking for somewhere to stay for a while I don't mind looking after him. Andy
  7. Hi everyone

    Welcome to the forum. Andy
  8. Hi from Northwest Kent

    Hi Stuart, I'm not in North Kent, I'm about 15 miles south of maidstone. I had a few birds from Keith a while back. He's a really nice guy and what a great setup. It's Keith that has made me want to show my birds, his enthusiasm is very infectious.. Hopefully I'll be able to get a couple of decent pairs together. I look forward to seeing you at the shows. Andy
  9. Hi from Northwest Kent

    Hi Stuart and welcome to the forum. I'm in kent too, have you joined the kent zebra finch club? It's well worth it, nice bunch of people and two shows in north kent each year. Andy
  10. OK, can someone help out please

    I would say that dad is isabel split for bb. Mum is definitely isabel, looks like some orange too and probably bb.
  11. silvers

    http://www.efinch.com/species/dszeb.htm http://www.efinch.com/species/rszeb.htm
  12. silvers

    Not really. Dominant silvers vary a huge amount in how much the colour is diluted but I'm fairly sure all markings are diluted equally. Recessive silvers only have diluted body colour, breast bars, tears and tail markings. There aren't many recessive silvers about and they can be hard to spot.
  13. silvers

    Recessive silver dilutes the black markings and body colour (eumelanin pigment) and not the cheeks and flanks (phaeomelanin pigment). Dominant silver dilutes all pigments. Dominant silver to dominant silver isn't recommended, as apparently the double factor dominant silver is lethal. Recessive silvers can be paired.
  14. Hi from Norwich, Norfolk

    Hello and welcome back to zebra finches. I came back to them after about 15/16 years away and I'm glad I did. Enjoy the forum. Andy
  15. Hello

    Hi Jon, Welcome to the forum. Andy