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  1. it's  been a while, probably 6 months since I updated my blog so I thought I ought to write something!

    I'm currently concentrating on breeding my zebras, the aim is to finish breeding them by the end of April rather than carrying on until October like last year. I paired up early December and went away over Christmas and new year with about 15 pairs down. When I got back from holiday I found I had several pairs sitting on clear eggs. 4 pairs had chicks, 3 lots of 3 and a singleton. One of the sets of 3 had been brought up singlehandedly by Mum as Dad had died when the chicks were just 2 days old. I spent my first weekend after my holiday sorting my pairs again and trying again. I have now rung 34 chicks with another 10 or so chicks just hatches and a dozen or more good eggs in nests. 

    My timors are a proving to be a bit of a challenge, I only have 3 hens so all are paired up. Pair 1 hatched 2 chicks and didn't feed them, they then laid good eggs again but have given up sitting on them. The other 2 hens did nothing for the first month, I then swapped the cocks over and one pair now have 4 eggs - I think they might be clear - but I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt for the time being and letting them sit a little longer.

    I tried using Bengalese as fosters but that seemed a waste of time. I have never managed to get my bengies to bring up anyone else's young. Before we went away I had a pair of zebs with 7 good eggs, they were a good pair of zebs so I moved 3 eggs to a pair of bengies replacing their own eggs. They never hatched them, the eggs were still there, cold when I returned from holiday. 

    I put down a pair of birds which (I thought) were a fawn penguin hen and a fawn cock bird who is split penguin. Result - 3 fawn pied cocks! Where did the pieds come from??? I was hoping to get a fawn penguin cock! I have another penguin pair who seem to have produced a pied. There must be some link between penguin and pied. 

    I've had a few pairs of my foreign laying in boxes in the flight. I managed to get 3 diamond firetails hatched, one died before it fledged, the other 2 died, one at 6 weeks, one at 10 weeks. I was disappointed, the parents have gone on to lay a clear round since so still waiting....... I have 5 nests of gouldians and 1 nest of hecks in the flight, so far 3 rung hecks and 3 day-old gouldians. Fingers crossed........

  2. Reading over the Blog 'Hand Rearing Birds' which featured Shadow & Co. it was hard to believe that was in May 2016 and its now February 2018.   Shadow is still with me and he is still in the house (;))

    5a73533af37f2_3rdJan2018(15).thumb.JPG.67f95333255bbca2bfa41b51f06fd18c.JPG  Shadow January 2018


    He now has a mate (a white zebra finch) and they have just finished rearing these 6 lovely little chicks. 



    5a737c8396a19_Dad(Shadow)Mum(Snowy)andtheir6chicks6thJanuary2018.thumb.JPG.3260e29edbf51c30af757302cf327658.JPGA 'Family' photo ;) left to right: Shadow, two of the chicks , Snowy (the mum) and the other 4 chicks. 

    Guess there's no chance of Shadow and Snowy going out to the aviary now:lol:


  3. As the title says "Well I'd Never have believed this!!" I really mean that 100%.

    Just take a look at this:    https://youtu.be/vTWs3BN0_NA

    I think this says it all!

    I'm really trying my hardest to improve my speech and 'Mum' seemed to be very pleased with me. Now she has she remembered she had a 'parrot' that talked - didn't need a cage, didn't need to be fed and didn't need to be cleaned !

    Now please tell me how can I compete with that!!!

    Mum doesn't say very much about the other two in front of me but I heard her telling a neighbour she thought the female (Piper) would soon be getting charged with 'domestic abuse'  It seemed that Darcy the male was wanting to feed Piper and she was having none of it -she lifted her leg stretched out her 'foot' and hit him in the stomach, guess she caught him off balance  because it seems he fell off the perch. Mum was annoyed that she didn't have her camera with her when that happened.

    I am saying a lot more things now and I had a laugh yesterday - 'mum' had never heard me saying 'Hiya!' before. She always says this to my pals (her grandchildren) when the come and they shout that to her - but 'mum' always says 'Hallo' to me. 

    So I tried out saying 'Hiya' as loud as I could and Mum answered, " I'll be there in a minute I'm getting the keys, the doors locked"

    -you should have seen her face when she opened the door and there was nobody there!!!:lol:

    So I did it again and she thought they were playing 'hide&seek' with her.  By then I think she was thinking it must have been her imagination then when she came in to see me later I greeted her with a loud, 'Hiya'  No I didn't get a telling off she just looked at me and said, "What a clever boy you are"  I was really 'chuffed' because  she gave e a tiny bit of a crisp:yahoo: 

    6th May 2016 Bobby being spoiled yet again (2) - Copy.JPG

    The she let me out from my cage and played with me for a while and I also got my favourite biscuit - a custard cream!

    6th May 2016 Bobby being spoiled yet again (5) - Copy.JPG

    While 'mum' is busy hand feeding the five cockatiel chicks I'm going to do some more work on increasing my vocabulary to give her some more surprises.

    Bye for now




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    Rabelou (born 23rd June 2013) came here as a tiny puppy on August 21st 2013 when he was 9 weeks old.  So many things have happened since it's difficult to know where to begin.  So I guess the best place to start is at the beginning.

    I have had many dogs before but  this was the first time I had one that came as a trainee demolisher

    (I think I'll change the word 'trainee' to 'highly experienced')

    OK,  all tiny dogs have sharp teeth, and need something to chew on,  but most of them are content chewing the new toys they get bought for them --but toys were not good enough for Rabelou -- he decided from day one the first thing he would use to extend his skills would be  MY FURNITURE!

    The very first thing was the dining room table,  now this had been in our home for over 40 years without a scratch on it!

    The table legs must have been a real temptation for him because that's where he started.  (sounds silly to say this but apart from the damage he was doing I was afraid he was going to hurt his mouth! - That NEVER happened, he must have been born with a mouth that had been reinforced with steel!

    I was given lots of advice how to stop him doing this and I eventually decided to try things out.

    Goodness knows what people must have thought when they came to visit and noticed that one of the dining table legs that was being chewed, was now  sitting inside a plastic tumbler  ( Glad to say this actually worked - at least with that table leg)


    Caught in the Act

    As soon as Rabelou  realised he couldn't chew through the plastic tumbler on the dining table --  he just changed tables!

    Obvious with what happened next - the tumbler was only going to work on one table at a time so it didn't have they desired outcome I had hoped for.

     This tiny little 'Ninja'  decided there was plenty other things available.  Because I was keeping a closer watch on him he was caught in the act - no need to send him to trial - he was GUILTY.!

    56afb79c965a7_caughtintheact.thumb.JPG.3          56b278ee799b7_1.Ivebeencaught.thumb.JPG.IMG_2265.thumb.JPG.d216fc3e53b6202ccff52

                         Demolisher at Work                                                     Oh!!    I've been caught!                           I'm sorry I won't do it again.

    Question now was did Rabelou mean what he said in the 3rd photo.?

  4. blog-0593333001433622215.jpgThis true story began on the 20th March 2015.

    Just after 9 a.m. on the 20th March I received a 'phone call from my son. He said he had just taken my granddaughter up to her Primary School and he was having a chat with the Janitor whom I knew well and the Janitor wanted to know how I was and what I was doing now.

    When my son told him I now had an aviary and had lots of birds and was even incubating eggs-- I'm sure that's when the two of them put their heads together and did some plotting :rolleyes:.

    Now this 'phone call really wasn't about someone enquiring about my health there was another motive involved: it concerned TEN, 10 day old chickens.

    One of the infant classes in the school had been incubating hens' eggs as part of a project but could only keep the chicks for 10 days after hatching and the janitor said I would be the ideal person to take the chicks and give them a good home.

    So the next part of the phone call went something like this:

    Son: "How would you like some 10 day old chickens Mum?"

    I found it hard to believe what I had just heard!! now this is my son who had been lecturing me to stop going to bird sales and pet shops and to stop buying more birds- something was odd here-- then a little bell clicked HE had always wanted to have chickens but he was going to have to wait until he retired in a few years time before that would happen :lol:

    Me: "No way! I'm not wanting 10 chickens!"

    Son: "Mum! That's not like you to refuse 10 lovely tiny chicks you wouldn't want to see them being homeless?"

    Me: " The answer is still No! In any case I've no place to keep them."

    Son: " Yes you do! Meantime, you could keep them in the large rabbit hutch you have just had re-roofed.
    I can come up and move it to where you want it to be in the garden and you have the chick crumbs
    that you were feeding the young quails so you have feeding there for them as well"

    At this point the Janitor joined in to remind me about when I taught in the school how I had an incubator and incubated hens eggs and even had a broody hen and her chicks in my classroom.

    'Blackmail' wasn't a strong enough word for this!'

    Well I guess you'll know what happened - Yes! within 2 hours I was the new mum to 10 chickens!

    Why did I give in?

    To be honest, even now, although my family are all married with grown up children of their own I still look on them as my 'wee bairns' and like to see them happy - after all that son is the 'baby' of the family and I just had to let him get the chickens :lol::lol:
    The chicks in their new surroundings:

    This was to be their sleeping area but the chicks had different idea and slept in the other part of the hutch which I believed would be cold for them during the night so out came the doggy heating pad again.

    chicks using the heat pad at night.

    I didn't take long for the chicks to settle in and to tell the truth I had already fallen in love with them but I still wanted to find out more about them.

    So I 'phoned the school and had a chat with the teacher involved. She was very pleased I had taken them and asked me if it would be possible to keep the school informed about the chicks' development so the information could be passed onto the children- I thought that was a great idea and promised to send photographs, videos etc

    It was during this conversation I discovered that if nobody had wanted to take the chicks they would be taken back by the organisation that had supplied the fertile eggs, incubator, brooder etc. and the chicks would be taken to a farm.
    ( odd how the Janitor and my son conveniently forgot to mention that part!)

    I was told the chicks had hatched out on the 10th March but she had no information regarding the type of breed they were.

    However she did tell me the person who supplied the eggs had told them the sex of the chicks!!! Four of the chicks were a light brown colour and the other six were yellow.
    Next piece of information had me asking myself just what had I done to deserve this!
    The 4 brown chicks would grow to be hens and the 6 yellow ones COCKERELS!! :o
    There was no way I could keep even ONE cockerel never mind 6 of them!

    I had a good many sleepless nights worrying about this because I didn't want them ending up on someone's dinner table.

    Finding homes for the cockerels was definitely going to be a job for my son.


    16th June 2015

    Re the cockerels I found a web site (Homes4Hens) where they rescue hens after the hens have been used to mass produce eggs in horrible conditions. They then rehome them where they will live out the rest of their lives in freedom. I did enquire about the cockerels to find out if they could be rehomed and they would have taken them only problem was it was too far away for me to deliver them.

    Time was passing and the cockerels were growing fast-

    At 12 days old
    At 4 weeks old

    Showing the comb beginning to appear on its head.

    enjoying themselves n the garden

    Just look at me now!

    It was about this time I discovered that one of the 6 cockerels was in fact a HEN! GOOD!
    Now I had only 5 cockerels to find homes for -one good point was- they still hadn't started to crow BUT they had started to think I would taste good on their menu! From then on at feeding time for the cockerels - I dressed appropriately : Thick jacket with long sleeves, heavy duty gardening gloves and trousers tucked into socks! Yes!! and I still got pecked :mad:
    The hens were OK-- but after all they were female and like all females, they were very obedient and loving :rolleyes:

    My son eventually found a person who was looking for cockerels and with a sigh of relief they have finally been delivered to their new home with the assurance from my son that they would not be killed.
    I was to get photographs of the cockerels in their new surroundings to prove they were still alive -but so far I'm still waiting!!

    22nd June 2015

    I'm still waiting for the photographs of the cockerels!?!

    Now they have been rehomed I had to get the hens sorted out so I bought a large hen coop (ebay) it was a German firm and the hen coop was actually posted from Germany (free postage).

    My son and my two grandsons agreed to built it up for me but when it arrived the instructions and the fixtures, screws etc. for assembling it were missing but mistakes do happen and when I emailed the firm they apologised and immediately posted the screw etc. and emailed me the instructions for assembling it.

    When I had printed off the instructions just couldn't help laughing ---they were in German. :lol: but I told my son just take his time and look a the diagrams and he should be able to work it out --- I'll not print what he said in reply. :rolleyes:

    About 1 1/2 hour later after studying the instructions and re-opening the four boxes to check the parts they discovered there was also a panel missing and the metal bar for opening/closing the door to the sleeping area.

    Once more the email I sent stating the problem was answered immediately but it meant this time there would be a delay in getting the missing panel etc.

    At first I thought the hen coop would be better next to the outside flight so to save time later they decided to assemble the coop in that area and the missing parts could be added when it arrived.

    Now my son is used to me changing my mind where I would like things put and after a lot of thought I decided it would be better in the back garden where there's a bit more shade - it was a good job he agreed with me this time :biggrin:.

    He had to cut down some fir trees, bushes etc. then he laid down slabs which was great, making it easier for me to keep it clean. When the missing panel etc arrived they moved the coop into the back garden.

    I'm really pleased with the end result and the hens seem content with their new home.

    The new hen coop.

    The four hens now inside


    chick at 12 days old Look how I have grown!

    . blogentry-300-0-64686500-1435010745.thum
    When the weather is OK I take the hens out (have to carry them one at a time :rolleyes: ) to the outside runs I have in another part of the garden and they spend the day there and they get carried back to their coop at night.

    They also now have a new feeder and drinker but I'll talk about them later

    to be continued:


    January 30th 2016

    Well it's almost 7 months since I added anything here. So far my 5 hens are doing well and are keeping everyone supplied with eggs. I get 4/5 eggs every day now. I thought they would have stopped laying when the weather got colder but so far that's not happened.

    One good thing I don't have to carry them out to their run anymore, in fact they haven't been in their run for a while because when I'm out in the back garden and the dog is in the house!! the hens get to run free in the back garden.  .

    They  have grown up to be  very clever hens so  I had a thought , instead of letting them try to dig down to Australia in their run I would teach them how to do some gardening.:good: 

    I have two plum trees in the back garden and I wanted the weeds/grass removed from around the bottom of the trunk of the trees so I could put down fresh top soil then pea gravel on top. I chose Susie, she is  the calmest of the 5,  to be leader and  I took her to the tree and explained to her what to do and told her to  get the others to help and they  maybe find some worms too..:) Soon the five of them were busy scraping the weeds away then they went on to hollow the area and smooth the ground ready for the top soil. Must admit they were almost black when they had finished but they seemed to have had a great time.(lol) (Once the snow has gone I'll take a photo of their handy work!)

    The other job I gave them was to scrape together all the fallen leaves I had missed unfortunately they must have misunderstood what I had said because they had the time of their life scattering all the fallen leaves I had gathered  ready to put in the compost bin. :rolleyes: 

    Now they have been rewarded for their work (lol) I have bought each of them a lovely waterproof jacket, which also keeps them warm but there was    another reason for them getting the jackets (but I didn't tell them .lol) when it gets dull/dark  I can find them in an instant and don't have to go searching for them;)   They must get their jacket off before going to bed!!


    There are 3 pink coats and two yellow coats and they get turn about .  When two are wearing the yellow coats they are on henpatrol duty and have to make sure the other three don't go down the driveway to cross the road! :lol:

    (So far -- I haven't been locked up yet lol)




  5. norfolk flyer
    Latest Entry

    blog-0320735001421611969.jpgAll here at last is the final part. All wired up and paired up.

    Only 2 out of the 13 cages didn't work but everything now working fine,

    I'm really pleased with finished item, being honest better than I anticipated.

    I know it's only a short time but I've noticed a difference in the birds they seem more alert, if that the right word.

    Pic at top is of the timer/ dimmer in case someone is interested in getting one,

    Hope you all enjoy pics as I did putting this all together,


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    I've had a mouse caught in 1/2X1/2 wire where it couldn't go in or out so me being me rescued it and set it free on my way to school.Now where it gets interesting I sat in the aviary feeding quail meal worms when a black figure scaled down the wire... a big dirty rat so out the humane rat trap and next day there was an 8 inch rat caught. There was no way I was letting him out so I drowned him. The day after a zebra lost her tail, at first I taught it was the other zebra's but I set the trap up again. On January 1st there was a 12 inch rat in it!!





  6. KareemSerry
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    First of all sorry I used that over played joke.


    Hey all,

    So today morning i walk up to the cages and do my regular nest check and that's when I notice I HAVE FOUR EGGS.

    So Blue and Snow have two eggs and Black and Penguin another two. I'm really excited and well freaked out. Can't wait for the little babies to finally show up. If anyone does read this and knows any good advice could you please comment them?

    comment them

    comment them

    I think that ought a do it.



  7. blog-0939921001345908395.jpg

    They'll be a couple of interesting updates coming this weekend.


    The gallery has undergone a complete rework and these are just a few of the new features.

    Slideshows, image notes & more...

    There's the slideshow, which lets users sit back and view images one after the other in an automatic presentation. And image notes enables annotations to be made on images, pointing out the best bits for others to see.

    Protect Forum images.

    The new gallery includes multiple methods of protecting the images uploaded by members. Specify a watermark image that is automatically applied to all uploads. it also allows users to add their own copyright notice to their images so that ownership is clear.


    • User-created albums
    • Friends-only albums
    • Featured Images on homepage
    • Set images as album/category cover

    Adding Content

    • Add copyrights to photos
    • Gallery-wide watermarking support
    • Media support for movies & Flash
    • Auto-resizing

    Viewing Images

    • Lightbox support
    • Interactive image notes
    • Rate images
    • Inline rotation tool
    • Full-featured slideshow
    • EXIF & IPTC support
    • Anti-leech protection

    Content Discovery

    • Follow Category/Album/Images
    • Image tagging
    • Share images to social networks
    • Built-in mapping support (with Bing)

    Blog Section

    There's also a new Blog section and here's a few of the new features.

    Blogs live within your community

    Users create blogs of their own, which they control, but they live within the forum. All public blogs are gathered in a central section of the forum which shows the latest entries by users, members can comment, rate and follow each others' blogs.

    Collaborative blogging

    With the Editors feature, users can create group blogs that several people (or more) can contribute to in a single space. Let sub-teams share updates on their latest developments, or enable special guests to post entries to one of your established blogs - and more.

    Blog customization

    Every blog can be different! Members can customize their blogs in a couple of ways:

    CSS themes

    Members can customize their blogs by choosing custom CSS themes to change colors and layouts. They can even enter their own CSS for a personalized look.

    Custom content blocks

    Members can add their own content blocks to their blogs, for everything from bird photos to Facebook and Twitter widgets.

    Blogging with external content

    Users may already maintain a blog outside of the forum, but the new Blog provides features that still enable them to join in. A user can create an External Blog in their control panel, which enables them to link to their existing blog via the forum. There's also the RSS entry import feature, which allows users to specify an RSS feed from their current blog and have all its entries imported into their blog in the forum. This latter feature adds blog posts as bona fide entries, so they support commenting, rating and more.

    These are just a few of the new features and i hope you find them interesting and useful.

    Hope you enjoy the updates.


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    The Federation of Australian Zebra Finch Societies will hold its 17 national team show in Perth WA over this weekend 25th & 26th August.

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    Hi, I am new to this, hope I have posted this in the correct section.

    Can anyone recommend a book on Zebra Finch genetics, and where it I can get hold of one ?

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    setup up first 3 pairs so far,

    pair 1- chestnut flanked whites - both 2011 bred

    pair 2- normal split lightback cock x chestnut flanked white hen - both 2011 breed

    pair 3- normal blackbreast cock early 2011 bred x 2009 bred fawn hen

    fingers crossed to some chicks soon and happy new year and good luck to all


    pair 3- have 1st egg today, fingers crossed for more soon

    pair should produce me some nice normals split blackbreast & fawn cock and normal split blackbreast hens fingers crossed

    cocks will go to full blackbreasts to produce full fawn blackbreasts hopefully

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    Hi all. I mentioned in my introduction, that I had to pack in bird breeding a few years ago, due to ill health. But as my wife took over looking after the birds, I still kept the interest in the hobby. At the moment, we are only keeping a small amount of birds because I have had to rebuild a new bird room. The birds we are keeping at the moment are, Stars, Diamond Firetails, Bengalese. But now I've finished my own bird room, I am going to start up with some Zebs, which I'm looking forward in doing. The Zebs I've kept in the past were, Black Cheeks,Orange Breasted. But looking at some of the photos on this site, I had a long way to go, to get to the colours that are about now. I do like the BCCFW and the BBOB Combo. So I think this is what I will be keeping in the future.

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    Hope you all enjoy as much as i did writing it :D

    First ever time with Breeding Exhibition Zebra Finches

    First acquired some birds in Oct/Nov 2010 advertising for breeding stock to start of with as a total beginner with Exhibition Zebra finches.

    I was very lucky with a top Zebra breeder only living few miles away he replied to my advertisement telling me he had some birds I might be interested in to start of with.

    Turned up at there house I was stunned buy the size of these birds never ever seen Zebra finches this size before colours they where out standing shape & type, After being there for 1 1/2 hours talking getting to know few things about breeding different colours together well it was time for me to get home myself with few boxes of birds this is where it all started when I got home I couldn’t wait.

    The colours I acquired was 3 pairs Normal, 2 pair CFWs, 2 pair Fawns, Normal Lightback cock, Cream Lightback hen.

    February came & it was time to start my first ever Exhibition Zebra finch Breeding program as by now all birds where at breeding age.

    There was 7 pairs I had put together to start of with & with in 6/7 days had my first eggs had been laid within the next week I had 5 nest of eggs over the moon, couple of the pairs where very slow at breeding didn’t under stand why so of I went on my computer asking all I could about reason being how this could be with chatting to persons on couple zebra finch websites, Talking to some top breeders I didn’t realize how awkward these zebras can be.

    Anyway after couple more weeks went by it was time for Stafford bird show in march on getting there I picked up some Creams I had ordered and some more Fawns over the moon that I had got some Dilute Creams I had been after these for several months, Being at the show I was talking to people on the ZFS stand very under standing persons and I had right good chin wag with some champion breeders there learning & listening & took it all in, it was the best time I had going to the show.

    On returning home again these birds where put in separate part of bird room away from others for two weeks isolation.

    After the two weeks time came to pair these pairs up also so now in total I had 15 pairs on the go at same time several weeks went buy and there were cage’s full of young birds mostly by now on the sticks,

    I kept the young with their parents for 2 weeks some a little longer until I noticed them feeding them self’s properly,

    Not realising how much room these young took up there I was building some more inside flights to accommodate them all.

    Total number off young for first brood was 53 not bad for first time in the Zebra Finch World.

    Now it was time for the Adult pairs to go on down again within days of putting back up nest box’s there was eggs all over the place,

    Don’t know why but some had started laying on the floor of the cage very puzzled I was as for last time they laid straight in next box this time here there and every where! Why I ask myself so back on bird forum I went asking away reading lots of things why this could be, reading and taking in all that I had read learning about how lot of birds can alter there breeding behaviour and pattern wanting to nest in different places,

    They don’t want same nest place every time funny how these birds realise what they want and if they don’t get it wow don’t I know about it,

    Some breeding cage’s had 3 nest box’s up one on floor of the cage and one sat on perch other hung outside cage.

    The second round was not quite as good as first one also I had

    Only used 13 pair this time and there was a bit off swapping eggs about Reason being some this time where not fertile but there last young they had brought up did well so I had switched some eggs around under them and in the end I got quite confused and forgot where I had the put eggs in from certain pair.

    The outcome was how the heck did they produce these colours as I know this couldn't happen realising in the end that I had swapped eggs around from another pairing stupid me this happened on couple pairs swapping about eggs,

    Sorted in the end though with me head in bits baffled and the outcome of the second brood in Total was 39 so over all two brood produced 92 Now I think that personally is very good.

    Now looking at all I have bred this season with great thought and enthusiasm looking and watching observing all the birds I had bred I come to conclusion that the birds I have bred I have made my mind up on what colours I would like to keep for my next years breeding season.


    Normal Grey’s


    Normal LightBacks,

    Cream LightBacks

    So all of the rest I Advertised and sold on to other breeders which I must say snapped my hand off after they had seen them at my place they went like Zoom they where gone,

    Scratching my head I thought stupid me should of Asked some thoughts of other people from forum first if they where any good in shape or type first put one learns from one’s mistakes!!.

    Now the time has come for observing my birds again for training some up for show bench have I made the right move keeping those colours I love to see in my flights and cage’s,

    What I did is posted some pictures of my Creams buy the way these are my favourite colours I posted some on the web sites across the net ZFS and zebra finch forum UK.

    I have had that many replies saying get those bird on the show bench well now I was confused,

    Looking at all of the Creams I did notice that there was a big difference in colours between them this I was confused about trying to match up Creams well this was difficult there are so many variations in shade of colour.

    Well in the end I tried putting birds together No way did they match up different shape types well my head was in bits well confused about this pairing up!

    I had 20 Odd birds to go though ( Creams ) some where in moult some looking good in size some ok in type and shape,

    Well I had 4 weeks left to sort some out thought I may have 4 pair but come the show time I had one pair off Creams and one pair off fawns to take to the show I was bit disheartened really put this was the outcome of my year of breeding Exhibition Zebra finches.

    On going to my first ever Zebra Finch Show for the first time wow I was getting nervous, myself and good friend was going to Carlisle the evening before the show staying in B&B as this was good distance to travel in one day there and Back so we enjoyed the night life there well there was a pub right next to B&B sorted me anyway couple drinks I needed it,

    We was very lucky that the accommodation we stayed in did allow birds there and catered for loads of bird clubs which we didn't know at the time off booking rooms,

    Anyway on the morning of the show the Scottish & Northern Counties ZFS show,

    well we got up had our breakfast went into the holding room where our birds had been kept over night well there was feathers all over the place seed every where, Thinking shall we make quick exit No right behind us was well you guessed it What’s up he said sorry about mess in here he said don’t even think about it mate he said I get it all the time with bird clubs staying here hope you enjoyed your stay Well this was going to be good day.

    Now is the time to find the show hall only 1 mile away from where we was staying got there well my heart was Beating nerves well soon as we got there on car park I saw someone I knew nerves settled a bit, unloaded the boot of car walking down to the show hall I didn’t want anyone to see what I had in my box’s shy I think,

    Anyway this is it time for booking in my birds stewards did their thing and now was time to try and relax we had had 4 hours to kill,

    Still quite nervous walking around and talking to other breeders really settled me down and in end settled down after while this being my first show showing.

    To my surprise out of the blue came someone and asked am I the person that had put pictures of my birds on the web site not knowing who he was I said it was me well I couldn’t believe it when he said I would like to buy quite a few of your birds next years season as he like’s the birds I bred of what he has seen, Found out he is a champion breeder who wants to start again with Creams and this was not just one person well things started me of again with nerves.

    Anyway the judging has finished I walked in the hall wow the first pair of mine I walked up to had Second place Card on them this was my fawns, Next I went to my creams 1st place Card, plus colour award Card Best Novice Creams over the Moon.

    Well this was not the end yet I also got few Pounds in prize money plus I got £10 for Novice Breeder travelling Fairest to show, and I won on the raffle.

    Best Ever Day And Year For Breeding Zebra Finches

    Cheers all mark1e

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    OK so i have decided to write this Blog, i hope new comers to the fancy will learn from my experiences some good and some bad, i have picked up many tips from this forum, so if experienced members would like to comment i could learn from my mistakes.


    i decided to retake up a new hobby instead of just sitting in front of the tele.

    I want to breed and exhibit Zebra Finch's, i only have limited space in the garden, so as the garage is already full of stuff i will need to build or buy a new Birdroom, did plenty of research on the net, and ended with a shortlist of 2 one local one in the midlands, the local supplier had a 8 week delivery as against a 10 day delivery so my impatience made me pick a company i had not visited at a cost of £850. for a 12ft x 6ft shed.

    On arrival the shed looked ok but next day was heavy rain and the shed leaked like a sieve, water running from joints and knot,s, despite it being Tanalised ,i spent days sealing all the leaks with silicon sealant.

    Step 2

    i fitted 2 x roof windows, then insulated the shed,insulation on a roll looks like bubble wrap and cooking foil joined together its the equivalent of 25mm thick Polystyrene very quick to install and can be had on e-bay.

    next i lined the shed with 6mm MDF ,if i did it again i would use Plywood as the MDF sucks up moisture and warps.

    Step 3

    fitted inside with a 6 cage breeding cage unit i made from Plywood and MDF 24" x 15" cages, again i would stick too Plywood.

    Step 4

    Hired a qualified sparky to wire up lighting and heating plus power sockets, and for safety an MCB trip

    Step 5

    Built a 4ft x 6ft internal flight at one end of the shed.

    Hoorah i am ready for new stock, after spending December and January building just happened to be the coldest December for years many cold weekends spent outside, but when i had finished it felt good i am sure this new hobby had improved my health as i am an old F--t of 56 i need all the help i can get.

    Next instalment will be stock selection and first breeding season.

    Cheers Kim

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