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  1. Ok Andy thanks anyway,and thank you Andyn for the info. Carl.
  2. Thanks Andy. If they breed whats the expectations. Carl.
  3. Hi, is it advisable to pair these together regards to exhibition stock. Thanks Carl.
  4. goodfellas

    Happy Birthday AMF

    Happy birthday Andy. Carl.
  5. goodfellas

    OBBB CFW fawn (red eye)

    Very nice birds Trevor well done. Carl.
  6. goodfellas

    hi just joined forum

    Hi Angel, Welcome to the forum. Carl.
  7. goodfellas

    My Pair Of Pieds

    Very nice. Carl.
  8. goodfellas

    Happy Birthday Gary (Zebraman)

    Happy birthday Gary,glad you had a good day. Carl.
  9. goodfellas

    Hi from Northwest Kent

    Hi Stuart welcome to the forum. Carl.
  10. goodfellas

    Happy Birthday Alan

    Happy birthday,have a good one. Carl.
  11. goodfellas

    Yorkshire Novice

    Hi Graham,welcome to the forum. Carl.
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    Hello from Handforth Cheshire

    Hi Derek,welcome to the forum. Carl.
  13. goodfellas

    Isabel chicks

    Very nice Andy,they will look good in your garden aviary. Carl.
  14. goodfellas

    2016 light-backs

    Very nice. Carl.
  15. goodfellas

    A few 2016 youngsters

    Cracking birds Nick, really like them. Carl.