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  1. Absolutely Brilliant!!!!!!!
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  3. Hi can I add this for the photo competition 




  4. Here's to a great day for a great friend and mentor. Enjoy your retirement Peter.
  5. Andyn

    different colour white chicks

    I love that photo. Shame you've already posted it cos I recon that would have done well in our monthly photo competition.
  6. Andyn

    different colour white chicks

    At a first look I would say that it is a White. The beak usually change to the Orange/Red when they get older. If it is a White then both parents are carrying the Pied/White gene which is recessive and requires two to make a visual one. (hope that makes sense) Sorry, just noticed that the parent cock is a visual White so the hen is carrying the gene.
  7. Andyn

    different colour white chicks

    When you say 'Orange' beak was it more a 'Bone' colour? If it was/ is then it could be a White/Pied. If it was true yellow then it could be a member of the Yellow Beak variety. Your other chick (if that is the one in the photo) looks to be a Grey or Black Cheeked mutation. Hope that someone else helps out here. Andy
  8. Andyn

    how soon can you sex chicks

    6 weeks is only 1 week on from being removed from parents and providing there has been no feather plucking it would be another 2 - 3 weeks maybe. If you think that the White one might be a cock then watch carefully and you might catch it trying to sing and the beak should go red.
  9. That's 3 x sex linked so how would that work out. All hens would be CFW. But which of the Sex link would be the dominant factor? would it be some CFW/Fawn cocks or CFW/Light Back or Light Back/CFW or Fawn/CFW. Strewth!!! Trevor... Help!!!!
  10. Andyn

    Happy Birthday AMF

    Hope you have a good day Andy.
  11. Andyn

    Happy Birthday Andyn 🎂🍺

    Thanks Lee. Feeling a little better today too.
  12. Andyn

    Happy Birthday Andyn 🎂🍺

    Thank you Trevor, I've cancelled this one and having it next week, hopefully I will feel better by then. I'll be like the Queen then and have two birthdays. Cheers Andy
  13. Andyn

    different colour chicks

    Nice one Trevor! Think I got tied up on the word 'White'
  14. Andyn

    different colour chicks

    That's OK Kev, Penguin don't have tear marks but the point I was using is that if the White colour bird/chick has tear marks then it could be any other mutation and one which springs to mind being White is Chestnut Flanked White. There are loads of possibilities and it looks like a member who has more mutation experience than me is answering.
  15. Andyn

    different colour chicks

    Hi Kev and welcome to the forum. If your chick was pink at hatching and is all over pure white then this will possibly be a Pied/White. Your photo didn't really do it justice. If it has tear marks then it is some other mutation like Chestnut Flanked White. Both parents need to be carrying the Pied/White gene to produce a White.. Show us again a little later and we should be able to ID proper..