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  2. Hello, and welcome to the forum, Perhaps you would enter our monthly photo competition with your Zebra Finch photos. When you are ready to of course. Enjoy!! Andyn
  3. Andyn

    Sibling feeding!

    I know this does happen but I've never witnessed it with my lot.
  4. Andyn

    Return to Finching

    Welcome to the Forum and back to keeping Finches. Breeding season is the best time in our year I think. Enjoy!!
  5. Andyn

    Hull east yorkshire

    Hi Mal, I have copied and pasted your reply to Trevor. I'm sure he'll be in contact. Andy
  6. Andyn

    Hull east yorkshire

    Mal, Norfolk Flyer is having a problem getting back on here so he has asked me to pass on his phone number and asks you text him. "'My table at Newark is 249 and mob is 07887936177'". Hope it all works out for you.
  7. Andyn

    Hull east yorkshire

    Hi Mal, welcome to the forum. There is a big bird sales day at Newark on Sunday where you probably would find what you want. http://www.embba.co.uk/ Or PM a member on here 'Norfolk Flyer'. Hope you find what you'r looking to get. Enjoy them!
  8. Andyn

    how to tell pure penguins from splits

    Kev, I don't have Penguin so can't really answer your main question I'm afraid, but any chicks/birds with white tail or white in their wing flight feathers are Pied. So perhaps Pied Penguin. I see one with an ordinary tail, so, if no white flights in wings it could be a normal Penguin. Smart looking birds though.
  9. Andyn

    What is the sex of my zebra finch ?

    Your new bird looks to be a Fawn Pied hen and seems to be quite dominant. Apart from separation (which defeats the object of having two I guess) you could just let them get on with it but obviously keep an eye on them in case it gets too aggressive. They should settle down with each other once the pecking order is established. The other thing is, if you buy males you will need two otherwise the two hens could start fighting over a single. You could take the new hen back to wherever you bought her and tell them it is a hen and you wanted a Cock. Which should have reddish cheek patches, a thick chest bar and red & white speckling along it's flanks. Much the same as the bird in the following photo. This is a Black Breasted but you get the idea what it looks like There are variations depending on the mutation of the bird and a Pied would have broken patches, chest & flanks. Avoid White as both sexes are same colour and you would need to see it singing to know it was a cock. Don't be afraid to ask questions on here
  10. Andyn

    can you tell mutaion before first moult

    The 'Blotches' are part of the Pied make up and I see a white patch on the Fawn and. If it has white flight feathers somewhere then that's a Pied too.
  11. Andyn

    can you tell mutaion before first moult

    That picture suggests that it is a Pied. I believe the best way to tell a pied if it's not obvious is by looking for a white bib just under the bottom part of the beak. Some times you get just one white flight or tail feather. Some call these splits but technically they are Pied. As it is a recessive gene it takes two to make one. So both parents need to be carrying the Pied gene. When you say 'Blotches' is it on their backs or tummy. Photos would be useful Kev.
  12. Andyn

    can you tell mutaion before first moult

    Sorry to hear about the chick Kev. I know about the Sparrow Hawks. It seems that August is the time for the young to 'Go it alone'. We have a football rattle for when we see them/it around. They do get the idea that there is no free lunch and eventually leave us alone. They do buzz the aviary now and again though. Like it's 'Just for fun'.
  13. Andyn

    can you tell mutaion before first moult

    So both parents are Normal Penguin then. But what colour is the chick in the top pic? It looks kinda Fawn but that could just be the lighting (and my eyes ?) Perhaps post a clearer shot of that one if you could.
  14. Andyn

    can you tell mutaion before first moult

    Bottom one will be 'Normal' but can't quite determine the colour of top one Kev, If it's Fawn then that is the colour it'll be. What colour/mutation are the parents?
  15. Andyn

    New member

    Hi Jo, and welcome to the forum. Some of us have experience of hand rearing but my own is limited to crop feeding for only a few days before the parents took over, but member 'Emmy' is the queen of hand rearing. So, when you are ready to ask your questions go right ahead. There is also a pinned article on here on how to make up a syringe and soft tube for feeding. I'll try and find it and give you the link. Enjoy your birds!! Here's that link. -